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مغول ها

Mongols | مغول ها

PersianDrama 92 min 1973

Parviz Kimiavi is a director who is sent to Zahedan for a technical mission by the television to prepare his film, while his wife is working on her doctoral thesis on the subject of the Mongol invasion. The invasion of the Mongols and the expansion of television and the future of cinema are connected in a comic way, and the film moves from one world to another in a dreamlike series.

Parviz Kimiavi
Parviz Kimiavi
Mishel tiriyeh
Parviz Kimiavi
Parviz Kimiavi
Production Company
Iranian national radio and television

Cast & Crew
Bahman Farmanara, Fahimeh Rastkar, Parviz Kimiavi, Seyed Ali Mirza