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ملاقات با طوطی

Meeting the Parrot | ملاقات با طوطی

PersianDrama 94 min 18 March,2004

Majid and Nasim, deeply in love, lead a content life until Majid grows suspicious of Nasim’s father. Falsely accused and imprisoned, Nasim’s attempts to help Majid fail. Introduced to Garghi and Sharara, they propose a plan to save Majid at a cost. Nasim’s association with Touti leads to an alliance with Saber, demanding a substantial sum for an internet-exposed mission. A daring heist ensues, but Saber’s sudden departure complicates matters. Nasim’s team rescues Majid, and Saber’s last-minute intervention ends in sacrifice. Nasim’s father’s staged death sparks a fresh beginning, but Majid and Nasim’s online confessions lead to arrest. This tale weaves intrigue, sacrifice, and unforeseen twists in their pursuit of justice.

Alireza Davoud Nezhad
Alireza Davodenjad
Alireza Zarindast
Mohammad Ali Sajjadi
Bahman Sepehri Shakib
Karen Homayunfar
Production Company
Yekta Film Production

Cast & Crew
Ali Sadeghpour, Davoud Rashidi, Hamid Madadi, Iraj Nozari, Mahaya Petrossian, Mahtab Keramati, Marjan Shirmohammadi, Masoud Hadi, Mitra Hajjar, Mohammad Reza Davoud Nezhad, Mohammad Reza Foroutan, Mohammadali Ahmadlou, Nadia Golchin, Saeed Malekshahi, Saeed Pirdoost, Saeed Pirdoust, Shahin Jafari, Siamak Ashurian, Soghra. Obeisi, Yousef Pashandi, Yusuf Pashandi, Zahra Davoudnezhad