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مهمان ناخوانده

Uninvited Guest | مهمان ناخوانده

PersianFantasy 80 min 1985

On a rainy night, a sparrow, a donkey, a dog, a cat, a fox, and several other animals seek refuge in the house of an elderly woman who lives alone. The kind old woman offers them hospitality, sheltering them from the storm. However, the cunning fox has ulterior motives and eyes the old woman’s rooster, her only companion. The old woman, wise to the fox’s intentions, manages to trap it in a cage.

The following morning, the animals express their gratitude to the old woman for her kindness and protection. They plead with her to allow them to stay in her house forever, forming a heartwarming bond with their gracious host.

Nosrat Karimi
Nosrat Karimi
Iraj Safavi
Jahangir Azaad
Ahmad Asghari
Iraj Safavi
Production Company
The Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults

Cast & Crew
Adel Bozdoodeh, Hamid Abdolmaleki, Hasan Daad Shekar, Kambiz Samimi Mafkham