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The Mummy 3 | مومیایی 3

PersianComedy, Crime 91 min 2000

Captain Ghorbani (Parviz Parastui), a diligent and principled officer, diligently fulfills his responsibilities with unwavering honesty. However, he faces the task of returning the police station he oversees to its rightful owner promptly. Despite his assurance of evacuating the premises, he struggles to find a new location as no one is willing to rent to a police station. As fate would have it, he becomes entangled in the mystery of a stolen mummy, leading him to form an unexpected alliance with Behrouz (Rambod Javan) and Kobra (Mahtab Keramati) while on the quest to recover the ancient artifact. 

Mohamad Reza Honarmand
Mohamad Reza Honarmand
Mohammad Aladpoush
Hossein Zandbaf
Mohammad Reza Aligholi
Production Company
Hamrah Filmmaking Group

Cast & Crew
Ahmad Yavari Shad, Darioush Rezvani, Ebrahim Abadi, Ezzatollah Mehravaran, Farhad Khan Mohammadi, Fathali Oveisi, Mahtab Keramati, Mohammad Reza Jozi, Parviz Parastui, Rambod Javan, Reza Fieze Norouzi, Reza Zhian, Sirous Ebrahim Zadeh