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Maxx | مکس

PersianComedy 90 min 2013

The Ministry of Guidance intends to invite Iranian elites living abroad to come to Iran for a cultural conference and give speeches or participate in cultural programs for Iranians. One of these invitations was supposed to be sent to an orchestra conductor, a famous person living in America. However, this invitation was mistakenly sent to Mr. Max, a singer in bars and cabarets in Los Angeles. Mr. Max possesses great talent for singing soulful songs, much like Babakarem and others. He traveled to Iran with his group, filled with amazement at how the people inside Iran, especially the government officials, discovered him in Los Angeles.  In Iran, where no one has yet realized the true identity of Max, they give him a royal welcome and invite him to perform in the luxurious halls of Tehran for government figures and the public. Gradually, after a few performances and singing Rohudzi’s songs, some of the program makers at the Ministry of Guidance become aware of their mistake. They are concerned about Mr. Max’s safety as the Basij and Hezbollah brothers, who are planning to kill him, have him in their hands. Therefore, they start thinking of measures to help him escape from Iran.

Saman Moghadam
Peyman Ghasemkhani
Turaj Mansuri
Mohammad Reza Mouyini
Amir Tausli
Production Company
Film Direct Distributor

Cast & Crew
Amir Jafari, Cyrus Ebrahimzadeh, Farhad Ayish, Gohar Kheir Andish, Kamiyar Shayan, Mohammad Reza Sharifi Niya, Nima Shahrokhshahi, Pegah Ahangarani, Seyyed Ibrahim Bahrul Uloomi, Toraj Mansouri