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The Legacy | میراث

PersianBiography, History 96 min 1976

The chief of the tribe, Karim Khan (Enayat Bakhshi), is interested in Maryam (Pouri Baneai) – Isa’s fiancee – but Isa defies Khan’s orders and runs away with his family and Maryam. Isa’s brother and mother are murdered by Khan’s men during multiple encounters. Isa (Manoucher Ahmadi) entrusts Maryam and their newborn child, who was born surrounded by Khan’s men, to the care of an imamzadeh, before confronting Khan and injuring him. Khan is unwilling to let them go, so he locates Isa and Maryam with the aid of a tracker and shoots them. However, he also dies. As a reminder of the uprising against oppression, the tracker takes the sole surviving child of Maryam and Isa with him.

Abdollah Ghiabi
Abdollah Ghiabi
Bardbod Taheri
Herayer Atashkar
Mojtaba Mirzadeh
Production Company
Aryana Film

Cast & Crew
Enayat Bakhshi, Hadi Moghaddam, Manoucher Ahmadi, Manuchehr Farid, Parvin Malakuti, Pouri Baneai, Reza Yaghooti