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میعادگاه خشم

Meetpoint of Fury | میعادگاه خشم

PersianAdventure, Crime 78 min 1971

Ghadam (Mohamad Ali Fardin) leaves his wife by the river, only to join her an hour later. When he returns, he finds the body of his raped wife. Ghadam discovers a belt by the river that he once gave to his friend Hashem (Davoud Rashidi). Ghadam and his brother-in-law Sattar (Iraj Ghaderi) go to Hashem in Kashan to inform him of the murder of his wife. They recognize that it is the work of Hashem’s son and capture him. Hashem requests Ghadam’s forgiveness. He is pardoned, but Hashem’s son hesitates to forgive, so he attacks Sattar with a rake and falls from the roof to his death.

Saeed Motalebi
Behzad Farahani
Sirus Alvand
Homayoun Arjumand
Ahmad Shirazi
Esmaeel Vaseghi
Hossein Vaseghi
Production Company
Filmco Films

Cast & Crew
Ali Dehghan, Behzad Farahani, Davoud Rashidi, Iraj Ghaderi, Mohammad Ali Fardin, Reza Abdi, Shahruz Ramtin, Simin Alizadeh