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The Crooks | ناجورها

PersianAdventure, Drama 90 min 1974

Reza Bazarcheh (Reza Beik Imanverdi) and his friend Ghafour are involved in smuggling and deliver a shipment to Salman. Reza is arrested by the police, while Ghafour demands the bag containing the smuggled money from Salman. Salman had entrusted the bag to a woman, and Ghafour and Bashir (Ali Azad) take the bag from her, and Bashir rapes her. Sahar tells her husband, Islam (Mohammad Ali Fardin), that one of the attackers was Reza Bazarcheh. Islam goes to the city and visits Reza in prison. When Islam is thrown into the same prison due to a staged altercation, they manage to escape due to a car accident, but when Islam returns to his hometown, he discovers that his wife has committed suicide. When Islam’s mother sees Reza, she testifies that he was not one of the assailants. Reza recognizes Ghafour from the addresses provided by the old woman and teams up with Islam to seek revenge against Ghafour. They eventually confront Bashir through Ghafour and, with the arrival of the police, surrender themselves.

Saeed Motalebi
Reza Aghili
Iraj Sadeghpoor
Iraj Sadeghpour
Hossein Vaseghi
Production Company
Tina Film

Cast & Crew
Ahmad Moeeni, Ali Akbar Toofan Panah, Ali Azad, Ali Dehghan, Ali Miri, Ebrahim Naderi, Farhad Hamidi, Giti Beheshti, Giti Forohar, Hossein Shahab, Mohammad Ali Fardin, Mohammad Taghi Kahnemoui, Morteza Aghili, Reza Beik Imanverdi, Reza Hajian, Simin Alizadeh, Soraya Hekmat