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ناخدا خورشید

Captain Khorshid | ناخدا خورشید

PersianCrime, Drama 118 min 1987 (Iran)

Khaje Majed informs the authorities about Captain Khorshid smuggling with his ship. The authorities take the smuggling and burn it. Farhan is a new arriver in the port. He wants to smuggle some political exiled people to some Arab countries. He asked Captain Khorshid to help him. At first Captain is refusing but finally due to financial problems he agree to help them. But the exiled ones have plans to rub Khaje Majed. They kill him and steal some pearls and jewels and bring it with themselves to the ship. Captain is forced by gun to obey them. In the middle of the way he manages to kill one of them. Then a brutal fight between him and the rest of the gang is occur which lead to the kill of all of them. 

Nasser Taghvai
Ernest Hemingway
Nasser Taghvai
Mehrdad Fakhimi
Nasser Taghvai
Fereydoun Naseri
Production Company
Association of Nasser Taghvai Cultural & Art
The Peiman Film Group

Cast & Crew
Ali Nasirian, Dariush Arjmand, Fathali Oveisi, Javad Roshan, Parvaneh Masoumi