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نار و نی

Fire and Reed | نار و نی

PersianPhilosophical 86 min 1988

The film’s story follows a young photographer on a quest to find suitable photos for an exhibition centered around the ‘Oppenheimer Case.’ In a chance encounter, he comes across an unidentified elderly man who has suffered a heart attack. The photographer rushes him to the hospital, and during the anxious wait in the hospital lobby, he experiences a metaphysical connection. This connection leads him to explore the old man’s life through his diary, immersing himself in the old man’s experiences, from childhood in Kashan to his final moments. The film delves into this metaphysical journey and its impact on the photographer’s life.

Saeid Ebrahimi Far
Aziz Tarse
Hosein Iri
Saeid Ebrahimi Far
Homayoun Payvar
Zhila Ipakchi
Faribourz Lachini
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Ali Asghar Garmsiri, Jahangir Almasi, Rasoul Najafian