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Non-Mahram | نامحرم

PersianCrime, Drama 92 min 1973

Habib (Iraj Ghaderi) and his close friend Ghazanfar (Morteza Aghili) work in the workshop of Khan Nayeb. Ghasem (Jalal Pishvaian), who works there, has a long-standing enmity with Habib. Habib marries Khan Nayeb’s niece Maryam (Maloosak). The physician determines that Maryam is infertile. While Habib is away on business, Ghasem visits Maryam, who falls from the roof of Amrollah’s home (Bahman Mofid) and becomes unconscious. Several days after Ghasem spreads rumors that Maryam and Amrollah are having an affair, it is reported that Maryam is pregnant. Amrollah and Habib meet outside of their respective hometowns. Maryam observes Amrollah alongside her husband after giving birth. The belief of Maryam is that Amrollah raped her when she was unconscious. Ghasem rumors that Maryam’s son is a bastard. Habib intends to kill Maryam, and when she escapes, she seeks refuge at Amrollah’s home. Amrollah persuades Habib that he is mistaken. Maryam is about to jump from the mosque’s minaret when they intervene and save her. Amrollah is killed by Ghasem’s knife, and Maryam and Habib begin a new life after Ghasem is captured.

Esmaeil Poorsaeid
Azizollah Bahadori
Maziyar Parto
Maziar Parto
Ahdieh Badiee
Rubik Mansouri
Production Company
Oscar Film

Cast & Crew
Ali-Akbar Mahdavifar, Bahman Mofid, Giti Forouhar, Hossein Shahab, Iran Ghaderi, Jalal Pishvayian, Maloosak, Morteza Aghili, Reza Hajian, Yoosef Rajabi