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نان و شعر

Bread and Poetry | نان و شعر

PersianDrama, Family 91 min 1994

Majid (Mehdi Bagher Beigi), a bakery worker and aspiring poet, accidentally discovers a portion of Hugo’s Les Miserables and becomes eager to read the whole book. However, he faces disappointment at the library, which denies him access due to his non-membership. Determined to get the book, Majid exchanges one of his sister’s husband’s books with it, not realizing there’s a valuable check inside. Chaos ensues as the book gets borrowed by a TV director, and Majid tries to retrieve it, fearing the consequences of the missing check. He shares the matter with Bibi (Parvindokht Yazdanian), but Bibi scolds him. Amidst these events, Majid’s poem and photo are published in a magazine, and he gains recognition within the poets’ association of the city. Eventually, the TV director returns the check, and Majid, relieved, returns it to his sister’s husband. With the support of Bibi, Majid’s journey ends with a warm welcome and newfound kindness. 

Kiumars Poorahmad
Houshang Moradi Kermani
Kiumars Poorahmad
Parviz Malekzade
Kiumars Poorahmad
Mahmoud Samakbashi
Production Company
Film rooz

Cast & Crew
Asieh Kalani, Jamshid Sadri, Mehdi Bagher Beigi, Mohammad Ali Miandar, Parvindokht Yazdanian