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نعمت نفتی

Nemat, the Oil Peddler | نعمت نفتی

PersianDrama 120 min 1973

A lustful man (Manouchehr Akhzarpoor), who is suspicious of his wife (Mehri Vadadian), drives his wife and child Nemat, who is paralyzed, out of the house and refuses to get a birth certificate for Nemat so that she can go to school.Together with his mother, Nemat makes a living by selling oil and singing. He matures and moves to the capital city. Nemat (Nematollah Aghasi) works as a singer in a low-class cafe, where he quickly gains popularity and impedes the productivity of neighboring cafes. Nemat marries Arzo (Simin Ghaffari) after meeting her. He brings his mother to him and foils his rivals’ plans. Nemat hires his father, who has fallen into misery and approached him anonymously, as a cafe doorman. His father recalls him and requests forgiveness. Nemat brings the father home, but his mother kicks him out until the man risks his life to save his wife from a car accident and they resume their life together.

Abbas Kasayi
Abbas Kasayi
Mehdi AmirGhasemKhani
Rajab Ebadi
Hossein Vaseghi
Production Company
Parsa Film

Cast & Crew
Gholam-Reza Sarkoob, Karim Parvizi, Manuchehr Akhzarpur, Mehri Vadadian, Nasser Roshanravan, Nematollah Aghasi, Sami Tahassoni, Shahnaz, Simin Ghaffari