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نفس عمیق

Deep Breath | نفس عمیق

PersianDrama, Romance 85 min 24 September 2003

It is reported that a boy and a girl drowned in the Karaj dam lake due to an accident. People and officials are planning to retrieve their bodies from the water. Cut to a scene at the pool where Kamran is swimming. He leads a prosperous and fulfilling life and is one of the distinguished students. However, at some point in his life, he experienced absolute despair, leading to sleepless nights and loss of appetite. Mansour, his close friend, provides him with shelter. Mansour, too, faces numerous challenges in his life. His mother resides in a nursing home, his sister leads a troubled life, and the landlord refuses to let him stay at his place. Kamran and Mansour wander the streets during the day and spend the nights at an inn. They go through their days without any motivation. While driving a stolen car they found on the street, Mansour and Kamran encounter a girl named Aida, and Mansour falls in love with her. Aida is a passionate girl who seems hopeful about life. For a while, she helps Mansour forget his discomfort and problems, bringing him out of his passive state. However, Kamran’s silence, sadness, and inclination towards death continue to worry Mansour. Eventually, Kamran’s health deteriorates, and he passes away in the hospital. This leaves Mansour completely devastated. Meanwhile, Aida, who discovers her relationship with Mansour, gets expelled from the dormitory. She expresses disappointment and mentions a potential suitor, but with Mansour’s suggestion, they decide to head north. In the end, their car meets with an accident and sinks in the dam. Interestingly, this is actually the first scene of the movie. However, the last shot shows them driving away on a foggy mountain road.
Parviz Shahbazi
Parviz Shahbazi
Ali Loghmani
Parviz Shahbazi
Mehrdad Palizban
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Mansour Shahbazi, Maryam Palizban, Saeed Amini