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نقطه ضعف

The Weak Point | نقطه ضعف

PersianAdventure, Social 147 min 1983

In this dramatic tale, an individual suspected of connections to an organization is arrested alongside another associate. The main suspect dies during their escape. During Javad Golpaygani’s interrogation, it’s revealed he’ll be taken to confront the organization’s central figure in the capital.

The chief, Mohammed Abhari, instructs interrogator Hossein Parvesh and his subordinate Morbi to use conventional and even torturous methods to extract information. However, Morbi suggests an unorthodox approach: gaining the detainee’s trust while creating stress by faking pursuit by capital agents.

Their car breaks down near an airport, leading them to a northern city. The driver seeks a mechanic while the interrogator watches the detainee. During a day of bonding, the detainee has chances to escape but hesitates. In a pivotal moment, the interrogator, trapped in the bathroom, changes his mind, allowing the detainee to flee.

Upon their return from a fake repair trip, the driver shoots the interrogator, who threatens the detainee. Tragically, the detainee falls from a window to his death. The film ends with courtroom scenes, where the interrogator justifies his decision, juxtaposed with the sight of the detainee’s lifeless body in hospital attire.

Mohammad Reza Elami
Mohammad Reza Elami
Alireza Zarindast
Hasan Mosayebi
Babak Bayat
Production Company
Pooya Asr Film

Cast & Crew
Abbas Qajar, Davud Khaledi, Hossein Paravaresh, Jamshid Hashempour, Javad Golpayegani, Mahmoud Pirasteh, Manouchehr Afsari, Mohammad Abhari