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Need | نیاز

PersianDrama 81 min 1993

The film tells the story of a teenager named Ali, who is faced with the responsibility of becoming the family’s breadwinner following his father’s passing. Determined to support his family, Ali secures a job at a local printing house. Around the same time, another teenager named Reza joins the same printing house in search of employment.

At first, there are clashes and conflicts between Ali and Reza as they both contend for the same job. However, as time passes, the two young men form a deep emotional bond. The film explores the development of their friendship and how they navigate the challenges and trials they face while working together.

Alireza Davoud Nezhad
Ali Akbar Ghazi Nezam
Hossein Maleki
Mohammadreza Moeini
Mohammadreza Aligholi
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Ali Souri, Davoud Chenari, Ezatollah Solhjoo Mehraban, Habibollah Ghelichkhani, Hosein Mir Aghaei, Mohammad Reza Davoud Nezhad, Mohammad Yousefi, Sadrollah Etesami, Shohreh Lorestani, Shojaodin Habibian, Tarahom Fathi