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هدف سخت

The Hard Target | هدف سخت

PersianWar 84 min 1998

A group of warriors embarks on a mission to clear a minefield on Majnoon Island. However, their presence is discovered by an Iraqi soldier who alerts their headquarters. The hard-hearted commander orders his forces to confront the Iranian warriors. Despite realizing that their operation has been compromised, Iranian commander Haji urges his comrade Ali to persevere. The Iranians face unexpected underwater attacks from Iraqi divers armed with knives. In the midst of the chaos, Haji engages in a fierce battle with one of the divers, witnessing the death of a fellow fighter in his arms. As the clashes continue, Ali spots an Iraqi planning to launch an RPG at their forces. A tough Iraqi adversary manages to kill Haji, while Hossein is captured and subjected to brutal torture. With great bravery, Ali and Reza rescue Hossein and continue their fight against the enemy. They manage to call for support, but tragedy strikes again as Hussein is fatally shot. In his final moments, Hussein reminisces about his family, tying his wife’s headband around his forehead. Overwhelmed with grief, Reza takes on the enemy with relentless determination, while Ali valiantly carries their fallen friend away. However, Reza also succumbs to enemy fire, leaving Ali as the sole survivor. With profound sorrow, Ali carries on alone, holding a red flag as a symbol of unwavering determination. 

Houshang Darvishpoor
Tooran Akbari
Houshang Darvishpoor
Houshang Darvishpoor
Faribourz Lachini
Production Company
Shokoofa film

Cast & Crew
Bijan Darvishpoor, Ghazanfar Taromi, Hosein Tooshe, Manoochehr Mirzaei, Ramin Darvishpoor, Reza Sami'poor, Tooran Akbari