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The Target | هدف

PersianAction, Thriller 100 min 1975

The separation between two brothers lasts for many years. Khosrow is a police officer, whereas Esi has a theft record. Essi is released from prison but is in need to money for the treatment of his ill son (Reza) so he participates once again in a rubbery with Mehdi and his team. The mark on Khosrow’s hand reveals to Esi that he is his long-lost brother. He warns Mehdi and his team against harming Khosrow. Mehdi and his followers kidnap Reza, and Khosrow and Essi rescue him and murder Mehdi.

Iraj Ghaderi
Alireza Davodenjad
Tooraj Poor Morovvat
Taghi Salahshoor
Hossein Vaseghi
Production Company
Panorama Cinematic Organization

Cast & Crew
Abbas Mokhtari, Ahmad Ghadakchian, Dinamik, Farhad Hamidi, Hossein Shahab, Iraj Ghaderi, Iran Ghaderi, Mohammad Belish Mazandarani, Nariman Shirifard, Rafi Madadkar, Saeed Rad, Siroos Shandermani, Zabihollah Zabihpoor