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Fear | هراس

PersianWar 84 min 1987

Officials from an Arabic embassy handed confidential documents to enemy insiders at the border. Intercepted by the police, the decoded content revealed an enemy plot: a chemical attack on a border village. A surveillance team, aided by a local guide, was dispatched to Kurdistan. Despite their efforts, the village was bombarded, causing casualties. Enemy forces engaged the reconnaissance team, but reinforcements led to their defeat.

Shahriar Bohrani
Shahriar Bohrani
Mohammad Taghi Pak Sima
Seyed Ahmad Mir Alaei
Shahriar Bohrani
Prof. Majid Entezami
Production Company
Islamic Propaganda Organization art distributor

Cast & Crew
Ardalan Shujai Kaveh, Behrouz Shahamet, Faramarz Shahni, Hossein Mansour Falah, Jafar Dehghan, Mohsen Babaei, Roohollah Baradari, Seyed Ahmad Miralaei