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The Actor | هنرپیشه

PersianComedy, Drama 84 min 1993

Akbar (Akbar Abdi), a prosperous comedian in the film industry, faces personal and social turmoil due to his wife’s infertility and ongoing professional obstacles hindering his aspirations. Simin (Fatemah Motamed-Aria), his wife, yearns for a child obsessively and, despite her infertility, insists that Akbar marry a deaf-mute Gypsy woman (Mahaya Petrossian) to bear them a child. This decision sets off a profound transformation in their lives as Akbar finds himself falling for the Gypsy woman, and Simin’s actions push him to the brink of madness, leading her to be hospitalized. However, the Gypsy woman does not conceive, and when Akbar returns her to her home in Halabi Abad, he discovers she is not mute after all. In a desperate turn of events, he brings Simin back from the hospital, and together they decide to adopt a baby from an orphanage, embracing a new chapter in their lives. 

Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Ghorban Dordi Toghanpour
Aziz Sa'ati
Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Ahmad Pezhman
Production Company
khaneh film sabz

Cast & Crew
Akbar Abdi, Azita Hajian, Fatemeh Motamed-Arya, Hamideh Kheirabadi, Hosein Panahi, Mahaya Petrossian, Parvin Soleimani