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هیولای درون

The Inside Monster | Hayūlā-yi darūn | هیولای درون

PersianDrama 126 min 23 August 1984

Davoud Rashidi, known as “the doctor,” arrives in a village and moves into a summer house. Suspicion grows among the villagers as they sense something amiss. The doctor, seeking an escape from the country, reflects on his troubled past within the confines of the house. In his earlier life, he had been involved with a political party opposing the royal regime, but he was captured, tortured, and compelled to repent, aligning with the security organization. He ordered the execution of political opponents and abandoned his wife, Shahla Mirbakhtiar.

Khosrow Sinai
Khosrow Sinai
Esmaeel Emami
Ruhollah Emami
Khosrow Sinai
Production Company
Cultural department of Poor Foundation
Foundation of the oppressed and veterans

Cast & Crew
Ahmad Kashani, Ismail Mohammadi, Khosrow Rashidi, Shahla Mirbakhtyar