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وعده دیدار

Date | وعده دیدار

PersianDrama 90 min 2004

Maester Ebrahim Mahdavi is an artist and painter of religious curtains. He, who is a war chemical veteran, travels to this city for treatment and participation in an exhibition held in London when his condition worsens. On the other hand, Amos, who deals with the Zionists, is constantly threatened because of his huge debt. Amos, who is also interested in works of art, is trying to complete and sell a religious curtain to pay off his debts. When he realized that Ibrahim had come to England, he monitored his place of residence. In order to achieve his goals, Amos kidnaps Ibrahim Mahdavi and makes him understand that the condition of his freedom is to complete this religious veil. A curtain that was actually painted by Mahdavi’s father and is half-finished. Mahdavi also insists that he will never do this and Amos forces him to do what he wants by taking Narges, Mahdavi’s wife, hostage. On the other hand, Hojjati is also following this case, he suspects Amos, and by besieging his house and inspecting it, he notices the presence of Mahdavi and his wife and rescues Mahdavi who was attacked.

Jamal Shourjeh
Ali Moazzeni
Sirus Abdoli
Mehdi Hosseinivand
Farhad Fakhrodini
Production Company
Toseeye filme ima

Cast & Crew
Ahmad Najafi, Hossein Maloumi, Mohammad Sadeghi, Parvaneh Masoumi, Pouya Amini, Reza Banafshekhah, Saeed Nikpour