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پاتال و آرزوهای کوچک

Patal and small wishes | پاتال و آرزوهای کوچک

PersianFantasy 80 min 1988

Vahid, who harbors seemingly impossible dreams, encounters a peculiar being named “Patāl” that emerges from a geographical sphere his mother purchased for him. Patāl offers to fulfill Vahid’s desires in exchange for his affection, with the condition that Vahid helps him return to his original land. Patāl proceeds to make Vahid’s small yet seemingly impossible wishes come true using his extraordinary powers. Vahid, his sister Shirin, his friends Mohsen and Hamid, all have their wishes granted. Vahid goes to work instead of his father, who takes Vahid’s place at school. His mother transforms into a young girl, and Shirin takes on her mother’s role.

Masoud Keramati
Mehdi Sajadechi
Reza Kianian
Azim Javanrouh
Rasool Mollagholipour
Mohammadreza Aligholi
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Ahmad Aghaloo, Fariba Jedikar, Mansoureh Shadmanesh, Reza Kianian