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Father | پدر

PersianDrama 96 min 1994

Mehrollah, after the death of his father, starts working in another city to support his family. However, when he returns to visit his mother and sisters, he discovers that his mother has married a kind man who is a police officer (gendarme). Mehrollah becomes angry upon hearing this news and visits his mother, giving her his gifts and earnings, demanding her to cancel the marriage. No matter what reasons his mother provides, Mehrollah, filled with animosity towards the police officer, refuses to accept it and seeks to harm him. Taking advantage of an opportunity, he steals the police officer’s weapon and…
Majid Majidi
Majid Majidi
Seyed Mehdi Shojaeei
Mohsen Zolanvar
Parham Mahmoudi
Mohammadreza Aligholi
Production Company
Documentary and experimental cinema development center

Cast & Crew
Hassan Sadeghi, Mohammad Kasbi, Parivash Nazarieh