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The Precipice | پرتگاه

PersianAction, Adventure, Drama 79 min 1994

The police arrest Ismail in front of a wedding hall, and the investigator forces him to review his past: one day, Ismail meets the goddess with his friend Fariborz, who is a young delinquent, and gradually becomes interested in her. Ismail, who is unable to get his allowance money from his father, starts stealing car radios with Fariborz. One day, during the theft of a car’s audio player, a man named Siamak gets into the car and steals it. Siamak invites Majroh and Ismail to cooperate with Fariborz, who is chasing him. Ismail, who found out that the car was prepared for the goddess’s wedding, decides to return the car to its original place the moment Siamak left him. He escapes by car, but on the way he meets with an accident and the driver of the car who crashed asks Ismail to take him to the hospital. After reaching the hospital, the driver runs away and Ismail is left alone with a dead man. Ismail goes to Siamak again. Siamak takes him to the garage of stolen cars. Ismail attacks Siamak and beats him with an iron rod. Ismail rides a car to the front of the wedding hall and is arrested by the police. The investigator wants Ismail’s father and knows the identity of Siamak, who recently sent a letter and photo to Ismail from abroad. Ismail is imprisoned, but due to no bad record, he is released after a while and returns home with his father.

Bahram Rey Pour
Mahmoud Hasani
Alireza Zarin Dast
Ruhollah Emami
Saeed Shahram
Production Company
Hedayat Film

Cast & Crew
Amin Hayai, Amir Sadeghian, Jahanbakhsh Soltani, Kamran Bakhtar, Zohreh Safavi