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پرنده آهنین

The Iron bird | پرنده آهنین

PersianDrama, War 99 min 1991

A rumour circulates that Nasser, a helicopter pilot, met his demise during a combat operation. Behrouz, Nasser’s friend who fled the scene when Nasser was wounded, is attempting to woo Fereshteh, Nasser’s wife, with the aim of marriage. However, Mansour, Nasser’s twelve-year-old son, vehemently opposes his mother’s marriage to Behrouz. Mansour steadfastly believes that his father is still alive and will one day return to seek revenge on Behrouz.

In a poignant moment, as Fereshteh and Behrouz exchange vows, Nasser, disabled but alive, reappears. He embarks on a new journey with his wife and child, working to convince Air Force officials to allow him to pilot a helicopter in an urban manoeuvre. With the assistance of Behrouz and another friend, Nasser faces the challenge of navigating a helicopter plagued by technical issues.

Ali Shah Hatami
Siros Taslimi
Jamshid Alvandi
Mehrzad Minooei
Sharif Lotfi
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Fathali Oveisi, Gumata Riahi, Jamshid Gorgin, Roya Nonahali