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چشم انتظار

Awaiting | چشم‌انتظار

PersianDrama 93 min 1975

Bahram escapes from Mostafa, Gholam, and Shokuh in Isfahan to Abadan. There, he becomes interested in Nakhoda Ahmad’s daughter, Tala. At the same time a notorious smuggler named Mehdi Mar (snake) who is being chased by law is also attracted to her. Bahram and Tala get married, but the peace in their lives is disrupted by the arrival of Mostafa, Gholam, and Shokuh in Abadan. They take Bahram back to Isfahan, and Mehdi Mar promises Tala that he will bring Bahram, whom he suspects of betrayal, to justice. Meanwhile, a conflict arises between Tala and Mostafa, leading to Tala being accused of Mostafa’s murder. She escapes to Isfahan with Mehdi Mar. In Isfahan, Mehdi and Bahram come face to face. After resolving misunderstandings, Mehdi helps Bahram prove Tala’s innocence. Gholam, at Shokuh’s suggestion, takes Tala hostage. However, the plot backfires, leading to Shokuh’s downfall, and he falls from a rooftop during a confrontation with Mehdi, resulting in his death. Finally, Bahram and Tala reunite, and Mehdi seeks his destiny.

Fereydoun Jourak
Fereydoun Jourak
Fereydoun Jourak
Fereydoun Jourak
Hossein Vaseghi
Production Company
Panacit Cinematic Organization

Cast & Crew
Ahmad Moeini, Faramarz Gharibian, Jalal Pishvaian, Manouchehr Hamedi, Marjan, Nematollah Gorji, Reza Beyk Imanverdi, Tannaz