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چهارشنبه عزیز

Dear Wednesday | چهارشنبه عزیز

PersianComedy 79 min 1994

In the film, Jahan Noor (Alireza Khamse) and Narges (Marjaneh Golchin) dream of having a home of their own. Their plans, however, take an unexpected turn when Zomorodian, the owner of a jewelry store, offers Jahan Noor a house as a favor. Zomorodian has an ulterior motive, hoping to gain an advantage over his rival, Javaherian.

In a surprising twist of events, Jahan Noor and Zomorodian mistakenly believe that a young boy, referred to as “Dear Wednesday,” is the son of the jewelers. They decide to take him hostage, thinking they can use him to their advantage. However, they soon discover that the jewelers are relieved by the boy’s absence and are not interested in his return.

With Jahan Noor’s assistance, Zomorodian concocts a plan to deceive the insurance company. Their scheme involves pretending that Zomorodian’s jewels have been stolen, with the aim of claiming a substantial insurance compensation for the alleged loss.

This film weaves together elements of comedy, intrigue, and clever plotting, as the characters navigate a web of deception and unexpected consequences.

Hamid Tamjidi
Hamid Tamjidi
Reza Razi
Hamid Tamjidi
Mohammad Ahmadian
Production Company
Laleh Film

Cast & Crew
Alireza Khamse, Mahmoud Basiri, Marjaneh Golchin, Mohammad Ali Keshavarz