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The Face | چهره

PersianDrama 103 min 1995

Engineer Faridoun Behnam returns to Iran from the United States after twelve years and coincidentally meets his old friend Majid Ghaaneh. He attends gatherings with Majid and his friends, and after several interactions, he proposes to Majid’s friend’s daughter, Soraya, and they have a wedding ceremony. Behnam plans to invest in a complex outside of Tehran and asks Majid, Soraya’s father, and their friends, Mashallah Khalafi, Professor Akbar, and Taghroll, to participate in this investment. They all agree and contribute all their money to Behnam. However, the next day, they discover that Behnam has withdrawn all the money and disappeared. He contacts Soraya, asking her to leave the country with him, but she refuses. Eventually, Faridoun Behnam returns the money to its owners.

Siros Alvand
Sirus Alvand
Turaj Mansuri
Abbas Ganjavi
Nasser Cheshmazar
Production Company
FilmNour Production Company
Sima Film

Cast & Crew
Abolfazl Poorarab, Atefeh Razavi, Gohar Kheir Andish, Saeed Poursamimi, Shiva Khonyagar