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کاسبهای محل

local trademen | کاسبهای محل

PersianDrama 90 min 1969

A group of tradesmen lead peaceful and content lives until the carpenter falls in love with a girl. This romantic spark is soon mirrored by the shoemaker and the shopkeeper, who also find themselves falling for girls they meet. However, there’s a catch: the beloved women all come from wealthy families, making it seemingly impossible for the tradesmen to marry them. In the end, the three craftsmen, with the support of their friends, devise a clever solution to overcome this obstacle and pursue their love interests.

Abbas Dastmalchi
Abbas Dastmalchi
Abbas Tabrizi
Abbas Tabrizi
Jafar Porhashemi
Production Company
Plaza Theater Cinema Studio

Cast & Crew
GholamHossein, Homayun, Iraj Rustami, Katayun, Mansour Sepehrnia