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کاکل زری

Blondi | کاکل زری

PersianAdventure 95 min 1972

Reza Kasab has feelings for Shirin, but she is tragically killed by neglectful Iraj. Shirin’s parents wrongly accuse Reza, prompting him to flee and find refuge with Zari, a woman who has killed her abusive stepfather. Together, they seek employment as stewards for Mr. Moez. As events unfold, Reza saves Mr. Moez from danger multiple times and hunts down Iraj as requested. Zari becomes involved with Iraj, unaware he’s tied to her fiancé’s death. When a dangerous plot threatens Mr. Moez’s life, Iraj sacrifices himself to save his father. In the aftermath, Reza and Zari decide to start anew together, leaving their troubled pasts behind.

Nezam Fatemi
Ahmad Najibzadeh
Saeed Nivandi
Nezam Fatemi
Amir Homayun Khorram
Nezam Fatemi
Production Company
Oskar film

Cast & Crew
Ahmad Ghadakchian, Ali Miri, Marjan, Peiman, Reza Beyk Imanverdi