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Brother | کاکو

PersianDrama, Family 90 min 1972

The entire city eagerly awaits Kaku’s return, anticipating his response to the collective injustice they have endured. When Kaku finally comes back, his brother is particularly eager to see him. However, in practice, Kaku appears unexpectedly tame and calm. He yearns for a peaceful life after his release from prison. As subsequent events unfold, Kaku’s capacity for serenity is tested, particularly in the incident involving his brother’s beloved girl and the final confrontation with a neighborhood bully. Tragically, these events culminate in Kaku’s untimely demise, marking the end of his journey and the impact of his remarkable restraint and composure in the face of adversity.

Shapour Gharib
Reza Mirlohi
Iraj Sadeghpoor
Iraj Sadeghpour
Morteza Hannaneh
Production Company
As film

Cast & Crew
Frangis Forohar, Hamide Kheirabadi, Manoochehr Vossoogh, Naser Malek Motiee, Soghra Obeisi