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کج کلا خان

The Crooked Hat | کج کلا خان

PersianSocial 101 min 1973

Karim, who is also known as Kaj Kalakhan (played by Reza Beyk Imanvardi), bids a heartfelt farewell to his mother (Farokh Laqa Houshmand) and embarks on a journey to the city. Along the way, he encounters a destitute elderly woman (Parvin Soleimani). His path eventually leads him to a fateful meeting with Javanshir (Reza Beyk Imanvardi), an individual who bears an uncanny resemblance to himself. The story unfolds from this intriguing encounter, promising a tale of interconnected lives and destinies.

Saber Rahbar
Saber Rahbar
Hossein Rahbar
Rajab Ebadi
Iraj Golafshan
Hossein Vaseghi
Rubik Mansouri
Production Company
Panorama Cinema Organization

Cast & Crew
Ali Miri, Jamileh, Manuel Marutyan, Parvin Soleymani, Reza Beyk Imanverdi