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کلاه نمدی

The Felt-Hatted Man | کلاه نمدی

PersianAction, Drama 90 min 1966

Habib, the son of a cart driver, and Banafsheh, the daughter of a wealthy man, are in love with each other. However, Mohsen, the village chief, who is attempting to deceive the girl, kidnaps Banafsheh with the help of his men. Habib clashes with the chief and his men, rescuing Banafsheh and returning her home. The chief instructs one of his men to hide some of his jewelry at Habib’s house and later accuses Habib of theft. Following the chief’s complaint and the discovery of the jewelry, Habib is arrested and thrown into prison. Behnam, Niloufar’s relative who is pregnant by the chief, gives birth to her child and entrusts it to Banafsheh. Afterward, in a bid to rid herself of disgrace, she throws her child from a cliff and takes her own life. The chief, aided by the village fortune teller, spreads rumors that Banafsheh has an illegitimate child, compelling her to leave the village. After Habib is released from prison, Banafsheh returns to the village, but Habib pushes her away. Uncle Hasan reveals the secret of Niloufar and her child to Habib, and with the help of the villagers, Habib confronts the chief and hands him over to the authorities.

Manouchehr Sadeghpour
Abbas Kasayi
Amir Qasim Khani
Amir Ghasem Khani
Varuzh Karapitiyan
Production Company
Parsa Film

Cast & Crew
Ali Azad, Ashraf Kashani, Farideh Nasiri, Manuchehr Sadeghpoor, Mohsen Mahdavi