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کلبه ای آنسوی رودخانه

A Hut across the River | کلبه ای آنسوی رودخانه

PersianDrama, Romance 100 min 1971

A girl Frank who failed in her love with Bijan wants to commit suicide but is saved by Hossein Gaby. Her love Bijan who because of his father thinks she has leaved him meets another girl. Hossein Gaby falls in love with her but she leaves him and go to an old man’s house nursing him. Finally Bijan becomes aware of her story and begin to search for her and finds her.

Ahmad Shirazi
Ahmad Shirazi
Manochehr Motyie
Ahmad Shirazi
Mohammad Ali Jafari
Rubik Mansouri
Production Company
Farvardin Film

Cast & Crew
Anushavan Harotionian, Homayoon Bahadoran, Iran Daftari, Nasser Malekmotiei, Parviz Shahinkhou, Rafi’ Halati, Zahra Hatami