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The Key | کلید

PersianDrama 76 min 1985

While their mother is out shopping, two young children are left alone at home. Amir Mohammad, the older sibling at four years old, struggles to care for his younger brother, who is less than a year old. As Amir Mohammad attempts to handle the situation, food left cooking on the stove begins to burn, filling the apartment with a strong smell. The cries of the younger child and the smell of burning food attract the attention of a neighboring woman.

Concerned for the children’s safety, the neighbour woman tries to find their mother in the nearby shops. However, she discovers that the mother has locked the apartment, leaving her children unattended.

Ebrahim Forouzesh
Abbas Kiarostrami
Mohammad Aladpoush
Abbas Kiarostrami
Production Company
The Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults

Cast & Crew
Amir Mohammad Pourhasan, Emad Taheri, Mahnaz Ansarian