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Kowsar | کوثر

PersianDrama 91 min 1974

A young girl named Azar is left orphaned after the death of her parents. She witnesses Kousar (Homayoun Haddadian) commit a murder. Azar escapes Kousar’s clutches but eventually gets caught. Kousar promises to take care of Azar. Years pass, and Azar (Niloufar) grows up. Kousar, who lives with his wife Soheila, accepts an offer of cooperation from two men (Manouchehr Taifeh and Yedollah Shirandami) to steal from a jewelry store. After the successful heist, Kousar flees with the jewels. He entrusts Azar not to attend his burial to remain anonymous. Kousar’s accomplices, however, unearth the truth, and…

Manoochehr Ghassemi
Karim Neshat
Abolghassem Ghasemi Kian
Faramarz Rasooli
Hosein Vaseghi
Production Company
Kourosh Film

Cast & Crew
Abdollah Boutimar, Asadollah Yekta, Hasan Rezaei, Hooman Hadian, Manouchehr Tayefeh, Reza Arefan, Yadollah Shirandami