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Galan | گالان

PersianDrama 90 min 1990

Galan, a skilled Turkmen horse rider, passionately follows the teachings of his wise mentor, Matloub Gholi. His dedication to riding strains his relationship with his wife, Maral, ultimately leading to their separation. Galan is left alone with their son, Bardash.

A powerful figure known as “Agha” compels Galan to abandon his dreams of winning a horse race. Tragedy strikes during a race, causing Galan to suffer a severe injury that shatters his riding career and sends him into a spiral of addiction and despair.

Maral, believing that Galan is unfit to care for their son, pursues legal custody. This situation becomes a turning point for Galan. Determined to overcome his addiction, he undergoes a significant transformation. With the support of a compassionate judge who recognizes his character, Galan is granted the opportunity to race once more.

In the climactic final race, Galan, representing the Turkmen people, confronts “Agha” directly, putting his life on the line in a courageous battle. Through unwavering determination, Galan emerges victorious, reclaiming his identity and proving his worth.

Amir Ghavidel
Amir Ghavidel
Saeed Motalebbi
Jamshid Alvandi
Hassan Hassandoost
Rubik Mansouri
Production Company
Iran Film House

Cast & Crew
Behzad Javanbakhsh, Fatemeh Nori, Jalal Maghami, Jalal Moghaddam, Jamshid Mashayekhi, Saeed Sheikhzadeh, Vali Shirandami