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گدایان تهران

Beggars of Tehran | گدایان تهران

PersianComedy, Drama, Musical 90 min 1966

An elderly flower seller, who has sent her daughter to another city for education since childhood, always pretends that her daughter comes from an affluent and wealthy family. When her daughter informs her that she plans to travel to Tehran with her well-off fiancé, the elderly woman becomes worried and tries everything in her power. All acquaintances and colleagues come to her aid, and eventually, things seem to work out well. However, amidst these events, incidents occur, and the truth is finally revealed. Finally, the old woman flower seller, mother, daughter and her fiancee, despite these events, still stay together.

Mohammad Ali Fardin
Hassan Sayyami
Mahdi Amir Qasim Khani
Mahdi Amir Qasim Khani
Rubik Mansouri
Production Company
ferdowsi film

Cast & Crew
Googoosh, Mohammad Ali Fardin, Pooran, Reza Beik Imanverdi, Shahla Riahi, Taqi Zuhuri