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گربه آواز خوان

The Singer Cat | گربه آوازخوان

PersianAdventure, Family 86 min 1991

Hasani and his sister Goldoneh find themselves living in an orphanage. A couple comes to adopt a child, and they show interest in taking Goldoneh. However, Hasani insists they have a father who will provide for them and prevents her adoption. Poverty eventually forces Hasani to leave the orphanage with Goldoneh to find their father, who they hope will take care of them.

On a rainy night, hungry and tired, they knock on the door of a closed restaurant. The restaurant worker offers them a hot meal, but hungry cats also arrive, causing a struggle between them and the felines. A cat named Latte supports Hasani and his sister, forging a strong friendship. Over time, Goldoneh returns to the orphanage and agrees to be adopted by the couple.

Hasani, along with Latte and other cats, embarks on a journey to find his father. They eventually locate him, living as a wealthy man. However, a deceitful employee in his father’s house has replaced them with two other children. With the help of an orphanage official and the constable aunt’s husband, they uncover the employee’s trick, and Hasani and Goldoneh move into their father’s luxurious home, bringing all the cats with them.

Kambuzia Partovi
Kambuzia Partovi
Farhad Saba
Mehdi Rajaeian
Faribourz Lachini
Production Company
Sina Film

Cast & Crew
Ahmadreza Asadi, Fariba Jedikar, Hamid Jebeli, Mehdi Arian Nejad, Morteza Ahmadi, Pegah Ahangarani, Pourandokht Mahiman, Reza Babak