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Tornado | گردباد

PersianAction, Drama 105 min 1985

The Americans explode the atomic waste buried in a village in Khorasan province. As a result of the chemical radiation caused by the explosion, a young shepherd named “Mohammed” gets a mysterious disease and his sheep also perish. The villagers force Muhammad, his wife and child, and his brother Abdullah to leave the village for fear of contracting the same disease. Abdullah, Muhammad and his family go to the capital, and Abdullah takes his brother to the hospital with the help of one of his compatriots named “Mortaza”, who is a greedy and profit-seeking man. A revolutionary doctor named “Ataei” who found out about the incident, reports the matter to the head of the hospital. The security organization and the Americans, headed by “Javish”, who is afraid of leaking the matter, decide to transfer Muhammad abroad or destroy him. Atai learns about the incident and with the help of Abdullah and Morteza, they kidnap Muhammad from the hospital, SAVAK officers chase Morteza, Muhammad and Abdullah, kill Morteza, but finally Atai and Abdullah take Muhammad to the professor Dr. Atai and Atai with the help of His teacher operated on Mohammad and after a few days he was discharged. The agents of the Security Organization in pursuit of Abdullah and others kill Muhammad, his wife and child, and Abdullah, who is enraged, ambushes and strangles him on the way to Javish, the head of the American group.

Kamran Ghadakchian
Alireza Davodenjad
Reza Banki
Kamran Ghadakchian
Majid Entezami
Production Company
Khaneh film Iran

Cast & Crew
Faramarz Gharibian, Iraj Rad, Jamshid Mashayekhi, Mohammad Moti', Soraya Hekmat