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گرگ و میش

Twilight | گرگ و میش

PersianDrama 90 min 2005

Sara and Sodeh are sisters who tragically lost their parents in an earthquake. They lead a modest life in a hut nestled in the mountains of the north. One day, Sara encounters a lost young man named Parsa and brings him to their hut for shelter. However, after a brief separation, Parsa returns to the hut under the influence of psychedelic pills and commits a heinous act by raping Sodeh. He then flees the scene. Filled with righteous anger, Sara resolves to seek revenge against Parsa. She travels to Tehran, where she learns the devastating news that Sodeh has taken her own life. Through Parsa’s wife and brother-in-law, Sara discovers his true nature. She learns that he is an unpredictable man, plagued by financial troubles and fleeing from creditors due to bankruptcy. Currently, he is hiding at an inn in Bandar Abbas, waiting for an opportunity to leave the country. Determined to bring Parsa to justice, Sara embarks on a journey south towards Bandar Abbas. Along the way, she encounters a homeless girl named Masoumeh, who has been coerced into a life of corruption. During their travels, they also meet a woman of pure heart and a reformed bandit. As their journey progresses, Sara’s perspective on life undergoes a transformation, leading her to relinquish her thirst for revenge. However, at Masoumeh’s request, they proceed to the port to witness the vastness of the sea. It is there that a woman from the south, driven by her own desire for retribution against Parsa, ends his life. In the aftermath of this event, Sara and Masoumeh embark on a new chapter, embracing the opportunity for a fresh start and a new life together. 

Qasem Jafari
Alireza Bazrafshan
Mahmood Kelari
Hamid Seifi
Pirouz Arjmand Tajuddini
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Ahadiye Majidi, Aliram Nurai, Amir Hossein Modarres, Cyrus Ashtari, Ezzatollah Jameii, Fatima Taheri, Khatereh Hatami, Marzieh Tahmasbi, Ronak Yunesi, Siamak Ghasemi