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گلنسا در پاریس

Golnesa in Paris | گلنسا در پاریس

PersianAdventure, Comedy, Romance 95 min 1974

The Golsa tribe (Pouri Banai) has set up camp in the lands of Masoud Khan (Manouchehr Vossough), a jovial young man. Masoud sends an official to ask the Golsa tribe to leave his property. Golsa, with her sweet-talking, persuades Masoud to change his mind, and instead, she invites him and his friends to her party. On the other hand, a competition is organized by the advertising manager of “Moulin Mokat,” and Golsa wins in the draw. Her prize is a trip to Paris to promote “Moulin Mokat” products, and…

Reza Safaei
Habibollah Kasmai
Shokrollah Rafii
Reza Safaei
Arsham Qahramanian
Production Company
Tasavir Cinematic Organization

Cast & Crew
Akbar Jannati Shirazi, Ali Miri, Manouchehr Vosough, Nersi Gorgia, Pouri Banayi