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گل پری جون

Dear Gol Pari | گل پری جون

PersianComedy, Romance 107 min 1974

The husband and wife spend the night in a cafe. The pregnant wife gives birth to twins. Golchehreh,the cafe owner’s wife (Farrokhlagha Houshmand), keeps one of the daughters for herself and entrusts the other to her mother. The parents of Golpari (Jamileh) are killed in a train accident, and Golpari, who inherits her parents’ wealth, is constantly threatened by her uncle’s son, Mohsen. The other daughter (Jamileh), who closely resembles Golpari, grows up alongside a group of buskers. Both daughters have  to leave their homes after a similar incident. Asgar (Seyyed Ali Miri) takes the village sister to the city, and Pahlavan Reza (Reza Beyk Imanverdi) finds the city sister and employs her in a cheerful group.

Azizollah Bahadori
Ahmad Najibzadeh
Maziar Parto
Maziar Parto
Ahdieh Badiee
Hosein Vaseghi
Production Company
Filmco Films

Cast & Crew
Ali Miri, Amir Fakhreddin Shirazi, Jahangir Forouhar, Jamileh, Reza Beyk Imanvardi