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گنج قارون

Qaroon Treasure | گنج قارون

PersianComedy, Drama, Romance 110 min 1965

A young man saves a wealthy man named Qarun, who is attempting suicide out of despair, and takes him into his home. Later, through his mother, he discovers that Qarun is his father who had abandoned him and his mother years ago due to his profligate ways. The son confronts his father and rejects him. Qarun, who has no heirs, is remorseful for his past and repeatedly attempts to win back his son, ultimately succeeding.

Siamak Yasami
Siamak Yasami
Ahmad Shirazi
Ahmad Shirazi
Roubik Mansouri
Production Company
Puria Film

Cast & Crew
Forouzan, Habibullah Tohidi Rad, Iran Ghaderi, Mohammad Ali Fardin, Taqi Zuhuri