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Attack | یورش

PersianAction, Adventure 75 min 1997

Following the missile attack on Tehran, a group of ten Iranian soldiers, led by Commander Mahmoud Kaveh, parachutes into the depths of Iraqi territory to destroy missile bases. As they land, they are immediately surrounded by Iraqi forces, and all except Morteza and Mahmoud are martyred while fighting. The Iraqi commander remembers that Mahmoud was a champion marksman in the pre-revolutionary era and decides to transfer them to a prisoner-of-war camp after subjecting them to torture. Along the way, Morteza sacrifices himself to save Mahmoud, and Mahmoud continues alone to the missile launch site, armed with weapons he took from the Iraqi base. There, he destroys the site and wreaks havoc on the enemy. The Iraqi commander finds Mahmoud and gives chase, but in a fierce battle, Mahmoud overpowers and defeats him, eventually making his way back to his homeland.

Mohsen Mohseni Nasab
Mohsen Mohseni Nasab
Seyyed Jamal Heidari
Ali Allahyari
Rouhollah Emami
Saeed Ansari
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Ali Tavakol Nia, Jamshid Hashempour, Jamshid Jahanzadeh, Mohammad Madam, Mohammad Nazari, Parviz Bozorgi, Sam Mashaikhi