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یک اصفهانی در نیویورک

An Esfahani in New York | یک اصفهانی در نیویورک

PersianDrama 93 min 1972

Hooshang, the son of Mirza, who has gone to New York from his hometown of Esfahan to continue his studies, falls into a trap set by a gang and loses his tuition money. His fiancée, Susan, is looking for an opportunity to rescue Hooshang from the predicament he’s found himself in. To solve his problems, Hooshang requests $20,000 from his father through a letter. Mirza, who is financially strapped, sends his other son, Ahmad, to New York with the requested money.

Shin Nazirian
Asadu’llah Soleimanifar
Petros Palian
Petros Palian
Richard Sherd
Production Company
Dara Film

Cast & Crew
Nosratollah Vahdat, Reza Arham Sadr, Ruta Panz, Soroor Rajaei