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جبار سرجوخه فراری

Jabbar, the Runaway Sergeant | جبار سرجوخه فراری

PersianAdventure, Biography, Crime 112 min 1973

Kazakhan Liakhov and his men capture Jabbar (Mohammad Ali Fardin), a deserter sergeant, who has hidden some weapons in a cemetery to deliver to the Constitutionalists. They execute Jabbar’s companions, but he manages to escape. Bayram and several rebels raid Jabbar’s house, killing its inhabitants. Following Bayram’s suggestion, they take a commemorative photo, and Bayram attempts to intensify the conflict between the Cossacks and Jabbar by getting the photo into their hands. Javad, along with one of the Cossacks (Jamshid Mehrdad) and a young man claiming his name is Javad (Maloosak), defeat a group of rebels. They spend a night in the house of Ghazal (Delaram), whose husband was killed by Bayram, and successfully repel an attack by Bayram and his men on Ghazal’s house.

Aman Manteghi
Soheila Nasr
Iraj Sadeghpoor
Aman Manteghi
Rubik Mansouri
Production Company
Pars Film

Cast & Crew
Hassan Rezai, Jamshid Mehrdad, Maloosak, Manouchehr Hamedi, Mohammad Ali Fardin, Mohsen Mahdavi, Reza Rakhshani, Zabihollah Zabihpoor