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Shirk | شیرک

PersianAction 111 min 1987

The village of Shirak is under attack by wolves. The wolves have killed Shirak’s father. Haji Khaloo, the village’s watchman, is also unable to perform his duties properly due to old age and poor eyesight. To help Haji Khaloo, Shirak lures a dog from the hills with some dates, and with the help of his friend Kermak, they tame the dog. On the night that Shirak and his hunting dog have gone to help Haji Khaloo, the wolves launch an attack.

Dariush Mehrjui
Dariush Mehrjui
Hassan Gholizadeh
Hassan Hassandoost
Naser Cheshmazar
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Ezzatollah Entezami, Farzaneh Kaboli, Hamid Jebeli, Mohammad Ali Naghi Kani