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Farideh Shahriari



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Farideh Shahriari

Farideh holds a PhD in English Literature (Comparative Gender and Trauma Studies) from Tehran, Iran, where her research focused on “Géopolitique-Parler Femme: Decentralizing the Gendered Face of War Literature in Iranian, Iraqi, and American Women’s War Memoirs.” Furthermore, Farideh’s educational background extends beyond her PhD, as she pursued a second bachelor’s degree in Regional Languages, Literature, and Foreign Civilizations (LLCER), followed by a master’s degree in Cinema Studies from Université de Strasbourg, France wrote her thesis on “Masculinity Crisis in Cinema of Abbas Kiarostami” (2017-2019). In her present position as a LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) instructor at YMCA – Immigration Service, she assists newcomers and immigrants in integrating their prior knowledge while guiding them to rebuild their lives in Canadian society working with vulnerable individuals. Farideh published several essays in English, French, and Persian, focusing on women and war memoirs, Geocriticism and war narratives, and cinema and masculinity. She published Géopolitique parle-femme: Iraqi Female War memoirists (2019) and A Geocritical Rethinking of Iranian and American Female War Memoirs: Da and Rule Number 2 (2020) in Persian. She published her first poetry Collection in Persian titled Lull Me to Sleep Apart from my Poemsin 2022 which she offers a glimpse into her life as an Iranian racialized woman on the fringes of society, spanning various years and cities amidst diverse cultures and traditions. Working in a Black community sport academy, Farideh also championed the establishment of an independent department dedicated to the comprehensive study of these subjects at Uchenna Prep Basketball Academy. She also supervised and funded several short documentary movies regarding black student-athlete challenges in Canadian Society. In her last published article titled “Class Production of Gendered Space: Analysing Iran’s Spacetime through Abbas Kiarostami’s Early Cinema in 1970s,” (2023) she conducted a detailed examination of select early films by acclaimed filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami from the 1970s, with a particular focus on gender studies and sexuality.